Rama 9 “The New CBD”


Rama 9 “The New CBD”


Rama 9 business district is evolving rapidly. If you look back 10 years ago, you can see immense changes in the area. In particular, this year, when we witnessed lands purchased by major developers, we predict that Rama 9 will definitely continue to “step up”, to potentially be Bangkok’s biggest CBD. An important factor for Rama 9’s rapid development includes the entry of office buildings for rent. With the addition of BTS’s blue line enabling people to commute to the area conveniently.

The flow that initiated Rama 9 ‘s “step up” came from the wake of GLAND that was piloted by CentralPlaza. Shortly after, other office building grades B + through A like AIA Capital Center, Unilever Headquarter and The Ninth Tower in 2014 matched with the lack of supply of office rentals. There are more than 1 million square meters of private investment in the form of shopping centers and office buildings in Rama 9 area. Within only 6 years, in the latest 2017, Bangkok had supply of 8.7 million square meters of office leased. Most of them are concentrated in the Silom-Sathorn and early Sukhumvit areas.

Currently, Rama 9’s concentration is focused in the metro area of Rama 9 Station – Cultural Center – Huay Kwang, which is a range of stations that are connected and have similar characteristics with over 1 million square meters of offices for rent.  Rama 9 station alone has a supply of approximately 320,000 square meters of office rentals, estimated at 60% of the occupancy rate of office buildings to approximately 19,000, according to Collier. Mars International Thailand found that occupancy rate of office buildings in Ratchada-Rama 9 area is at 90% similar to Silom-Sathorn with 95% occupancy rate. This 90% occupancy rate is consisted of more than 28,000 people. 

Once the Super Tower is completed, the number of commuters will be increased by approximately 57,000 people. Shopping centers in Rama 9 consist of 474,900 square meters with the opening of two new super malls in 2016: The Street and Show DC.

They are able to support the daily number of service users up to 254,000 people per day, indicating that the density of people in Rama 9 area Is very concentrated. It is also one of the most diverse shopping centers in Rama 9, a location that is both the Origin & Destination of the city people. Another measure of potential Rama 9 location is the number of people traveling in and out of the location. These are the volume of traffic on the road and the number of people using the Blue Line train. 

According to traffic statistics in 2015, traffic information at Rama 9 intersection (2014) shows that there are 110,434 vehicles per day, with 45,183 vehicles accumulated from Ratchadaphisek Road, 26,874 Rama 9 Roads and roads. Asoke-Din Daeng with 38,377 vehicles, showing the density of those who commutes to Rama 9 area. The number of commuters using the MRT Blue Line, Rama 9 Station is increasing rapidly. According to traffic statistics in 2015, the number of users is at 8.7 million people per year or an average of about 24,000 people per day (2015). Ranking second after Sukhumvit station, which has the highest number of commuters with 13 million people per year, about 37,500 people per day (2015)

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