What is a green office? WHY RAINTREE OFFICE GARDEN?

green office bangkok

What is a green office? WHY RAINTREE OFFICE GARDEN?

Green office is an office where activities within the office contribute the least environmental impact by using resources and energy to its highest benefit. There are guidelines for waste managements. Effectively Including the selection of materials and office equipment that are environmentally friendly and most importantly have to emit the least amount of greenhouse gases.

green office bangkok

5 reasons why Raintree Office Garden is the Green Office of 2020

  1. Creating engagement, awareness and participation from people in the organization which helps create a good image for the organization.

  2. Reducing office costs from the use of electricity, water, fuel, paper and office equipment in a cost-effective and economical manner.

  3. Good sanitation. There is a management of the indoor environment in the air, dust, chemicals that may affect Employees’ health and wellbeing.

  4. Reducing global warming, helping to reduce the amount of emissions Greenhouse gases, which are part of helping reduce global warming.

  5. Locating in the city center in Rama 9 area, but at the same time surrounded by numbers of tall trees and green environment.

If you are a business owner and looking for a New & Green office for rent in the heart of Bangkok. The Raintree Office Garden project is your choice. Our building is located in in the heart of the new RAMA9 CBD, a new location full of potentials and possibilities.

Interested in renting office space, please contact 02 643 8038


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